I Found My Words!

I am so smart. Not really. I sort of screwed up. That’s what happened to the lost posts.

I screwed up.

This post is kind of rambly (that’s not a word–I just made it up) so if you want to know where they were, just skip to the last line.

Otherwise: at some point, I set this blog up so people could register, which I’m pretty sure does nothing, at all. Except, I can also set  it up so you don’t have to go through spam moderation if you’re registered. Which, I’ve never done. Mostly because of the hundreds of registered users, they were all spammers.

I turned it off a while ago. But, when I was taking someone’s advice (I would so link there if I could find that article–sorry!) to put your twitter handle in your byline, I got to poking around and decided to delete all those registered users. I saw mine, and I saw the admin one that gets set up with wordpress, and I thought I must not have any more than two. Why would I?

So, I deleted all the other users. And I deleted their posts. There was no need for this, since none of them ever posted here. No one but me has ever posted here. But I did it. To be efficient. And, apparently, I deleted a former version of myself. And all my posts.

How many? That’s a good question. And how I found my words.

I remembered I had more than 300 posts when I set up the archive, so I went into my posts to see how many were there. And I see that there are 83 posts in the trash. 83. Which made no sense. For the most part, I’m a no-delete kind of girl. If I felt the need to write it, then I let it stand. If I’m wrong or need to update, I will. It’s kind of a philosophy on life I have–this is it, sometimes I screw up, take it or leave it–which I should save for another day. Because probably no one else even cares how I accidentally cleverly found my deleted posts and this is already way too long.

So, yes. They were in the trash. Thank Apple for inventing the just-in-case-you-wanted-to-keep-that folder. And they’re back now!

Photo used with permission from stock.xchng. Photo by: Zsuzsanna Kilian.

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