Friday Mashup 09.09.2011

A really awesome Paranormal TV show hosted by an even awesomer Landra Graf; a dollhouse that would make Stephen King cry; and badness.  Just… movie remake badness.

  • The Beyond Natural with Landra Graf: This is my incredible Crit Partner that I have connected with. She’s awesome and she’s superwoman. She writes, she critiques, she does a paranormal TV show, raises children, and is probably saving a puppy or something right now. You should hit her up on Twitter and watch the show, The Beyond Natural, which shows on Wednesdays @ 10pm EST. I think you can watch it later, but Landra will have to provide those details.
  • The Bloggess‘s Haunted Dollhouse: Pretty much, the most awesome and creepy and brilliant thing I’ve ever seen.  She made this.  Still in awe.
  • Please No: Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler for ‘Romancing the Stone’ Remake? by Kate Erbland: First I hear they’re remaking Dirty Dancing and I agree with what someone said on Twitter: suddenly, it feels like someone put Baby in a corner.  And now, this?  Really?  Is Hollywood just collectively smoking crack or is there some secret strike on original ideas going on?  I don’t even dislike either of these actors, but… no.  Just, no.

When available, the author link goes to their Twitter page. If I tell you who linked me to the article, it’s so you can follow those clever people on twitter. Because I love twitter. And you should, too.

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