Starting Over

So, I write this novel, a rom-com, and it’s finished and I like it, but it’s not selling.  Which is okay–first novel.

Then I started one and it just died out because the characters, well, mostly the main characters, were just dead to me.  And that means flat and dull for you.

So, then, I started a new manuscript, but … I just didn’t have my  heart in it. I think, one day, I can make it work.  But not right now.

So, then I thought, “Why not write the story that’s been brewing in my head for ages?”  Well, I’ll tell you why not.  It’s a series.  It has to stand alone, but also have a longer arc.  Also, it’s paranormal romance.  Um, hello?  Where did that come from?  Can my voice, which–as I mentioned, rom-com–handle a paranormal romance?  Is my tone off?  My banter too light?  Can I do it?

Then I decided… I’m sitting here not writing books in the genre I feel comfortable with, why shouldn’t I write something that pulls me out of my comfort zone?  What’s the worse that could happen?  I don’t write?  Already there.

So my little counter over there stands at zero.  But that’s okay.  I’m taking a lot of notes.  Piecing together pictures for scenes.  And making notes on scenes–an outline, maybe?

I’m curious?  Have you ever stepped outside of your writing comfort zone and how did it work out?

Comic used with permission from Debbie Ridpath Ohi at

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