Making Time to Write

Look. I’ve had a difficult year. I’m not whining, honestly. I won’t even go into detail, because I’m private that way and that wouldsort of be like whining. You’re welcome.  But, whatever.  I’ve been a bad writer.

I put off doing my synopsis/query for On A Bet.  I didn’t know how to do one, or who to send it to, plus it’s scary.  I stopped writing Skye’s Falling because I joined a crit group and I got overwhelmed, feeling like I *had* to make all the changes, which is just a bad idea (for me) when it’s just a first draft.  It’s not supposed to be polished, so I should’ve written, then critted.  Then I got this fabulous story handed to me on a silver platter, and it’s coming along, and I feel it–you know how you do.  But I’ve been wishy-washy.

And I’ve learned, this simply will not work.  Writing is a craft, and it has to be practiced every day.  Every.  Day.  Maybe I’m telling you something you already know, and maybe you knew it from the get go, but I bet it took you a while to realize, “Hey, if I’m serious about this, I have to work at this.”

So, that’s my goal.  I need to polish my query and synopsis and target some agents.  I’m going to work on this unnamed project every day.  Watch me.

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