A Glance At: Real Women Don’t Wear Size 2

This book, by Kelly St. John*, broke several big rules. There was no clear antagonist. The majority of the book, the heroine and hero’s relationship doesn’t immediately progress to HEA simply because of verbal misunderstanding and some insecurity and doubt on both parts. And the end? The black moment is based on a huge misunderstanding that the heroine won’t give the hero a chance to explain. It breaks all the rules I’ve read, and yet… it’s a really good book.

I love the characters, I enjoyed watching as they fell harder for one another (since they both basically start with major crushes). Despite the misunderstanding premise, they didn’t spend the whole book fighting to create conflict. Conflict was generated by the two of them falling harder and worrying about the other wanting more than just the five days of sex they agreed to. Oh. And there’s a LOT of sex. Let me put it this way: the heroine has a list of all the wild sexcapades she’s never tried and wants to fulfill with Mr. Right. And they do them all. Graphically.

So, good book, great author who can break the Rules and still give a good read.

*Kelly’s web site no longer seems to be active; instead, I’ve linked to her Goodreads author page.

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