A Glance at: Ex and the Single Girl

I finished Ex and the Single Girl.  This isn’t a review in the strictest sense.  I’d never call someone out to condemn work they killed themselves to do.  I’m not downing people who do, reviewers are important to us as readers.  But as a writer, I’m going to respect the work whether I like the book or not.

That out of the way, I loved this book.  When I enjoy a book, I make a point to note what I particularly enjoyed about it, because it gives me more range as a writer.  I loved the friendship between Portia and Ian as it developed.  It was sweet, and God knows Portia needed a friend, but at some point it became this ticking time bomb of sexual tension when you knew they were falling for each other and you kept waiting for them to figure it out.  But done better than I’ve described.

So, my verdict.  Lani Diane Rich=awesome writer.  The book?  But it now.

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