My GMC Spreadsheet

You know I have a GMC spreadsheet.  Fine, here it is (Usual rules apply.  Use it all you want, but don’t share it.  Just link back here.  Thanks!)

Okay, so I talked a couple of weeks ago about walking away from the keyboard, listening to music and driving along, and my story becoming.  No other way to describe it.  My characters started talking to me, and everything became clear.  The ending.  The GMC of EVERYONE.  Who the real antagonists were.  Who these people were.  Idiosyncracies, jobs, inside jokes.  All there.

Still, I’d fallen into a rut.  I couldn’t write.  So, I made my writing area less comfy / creative and more workable.  I can still have the pretty, still do.  But the keyboard is lower, perfect for typing–not so much for lounging in the chair and stumbling through websites. I guess I used to think a writing office should be a temple to creativity and reading.  Now, I understand that it needs to be those things… but it also needs discipline.  To remember why I’m here.

And here I am.  I just completely deleted my entire GMC charts.  All of them.  I moved previously written scenes to the discarded folder.  And I am thrilled.  Because I’ve got this story.  I’ve got the people.  And I’m writing.

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