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Since I’ve had to move from sitting anywhere I like on my beloved, yet broken, Mac, I’ve created a, well, creative space on my sun porch for writing.  I’m a little superstitious about the writing mojo.  If by little, it could refer to bordering on paranoia.  Anyway, I’ve tried to… not pretty up, but make it more me.  I’m not the crafty type, ordinarily, but I bought a cheap lamp, hot glued some fancy fringe and beads around it, and viola: I have a writing lamp.  I’ll try to take a picture and post it. Maybe.

Anyway, since this is the material girl category, I found one for you!  Etsy, of course (how much do I love Etsy?).  I don’t want to steal their picture so I’ll just link you to the custom lamp shade that caught my attention.

Have to add, if you look in lighting, I am so buying the trailer trash light switch cover.

Edit: Someone bought the shade I picked out for you.  Maybe it was you!  Anyway, the link now goes to a search page for lamp shades.

Update 4/9/11: The trailer trash light swtich cover is also gone. So, this post is mostly pointless now.

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  1. I’m pretty sure Etsy is one of the coolest sites on teh internets. In my completely imagined future life, I will have time to make something to sell on there, that will be awesome and quirky and useful – like aprons, or A-line skirts, or purses, or photos…OK photos aren’t really useful, per se, just part of another imagined life I have.

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