Shhh. It’s a Secret

Post Secret, how I love thee.

So, here’s how it works. Every Sunday, Frank (of Post Secret) posts a series of post cards he received through the mail. Each one of them, each anonymous one of them, tells a secret. They’re beautifully made pieces of art that expose a corner of the sender’s soul or life.

Some people find the site depressing, even disturbing. And some of the post cards can be. But I am so in love with the idea of freeing yourself from something you’re ashamed of. So ashamed, in fact, you’ve let it take over your life. Just put it out there and go on. It’s the stuff good fiction is made of, isn’t it? More importantly, it’s the stuff great lives are made of.

FYI: I wrote the word post 5 times. :-| I is a writer.

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