Let me say thank you and giant hugs to Lori for having me on her blog. Lori is one of my support people. When writing, the support team keeps you from tossing every word you write into the recycle bin. Now, if What You Need became a movie I can see the story expanding a bit or it’d be one of those artistic, erotic shorts. I could get a little creative with color tones for something like that.

The biggest question is who would play Royce and Veronica?

For Royce, I need a man who looks good in a tie, and ruffled hair. My top pick would be James McAvoy. He’s got a hot body. Have you seen him in Wanted? *takes a drink of water* I don’t need to elaborate then. I believe McAvoy has the acting chops to pull of Royce’s vulnerability and submissive nature. Veronica needs someone who’s got a strong back bone and looks good in dark brunette. My pick would have to be Lena Hadley. Most people are familiar with her work playing Cersei Lannister on HBO’s Game of Thrones series. For playing a conniving royal Lena would probably find the role of Veronica a little less stressful. At the end of the day, both Lena and James played a role in creating the visual look of Veronica and Royce. I couldn’t have written the story without them. I should probably send them thank you notes. LeJa2 As a special treat 2 lucky winners will win a $25 Gift Card to PureRomance.com and a free copy of my book. Entries will be accepted until Wednesday at midnight. 

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1Night Stand Series

What You Need

by Landra Graf

WhatYouNeed200A sexual submissive, Royce wants a woman who’ll make his fantasies come true. The last thing he expects on his 1Night Stand is to be paired with Victoria, his ex-best friend. Haunted by their past, he refuses to deny his newfound attraction or his need for answers. This time, he doesn’t plan to let her go. Victoria has loved Royce forever, but the sting of his rejection is not so easily forgotten. No longer the naïve girl he knew, she’s matured into a sexual dominant. This domme demands a chance to restart their relationship—on her terms. Knowing that one night will never be enough, she plans a seduction that will last forever.     What You Need • 1Night Stand Series Amazon | Decadent | All Romance Ebooks Enjoy the following excerpt for What You Need:

“Hi.” About the only word he managed before a pair of luscious, plump red lips descended on his. One sharp heel spike scratched the skin above his ankle. His trousers were tight and rough on his thighs igniting a pleasurable pain in his pulsing erection. She molded her body to his, and her nibbling bites on his mouth sent his brain reeling. The press of her weight sparked his nerves. Lord, he hadn’t experienced anything like that. Skin hot and flushed, he moved to embrace her and deepen the kiss. Instead, she grabbed his wrists and anchored them above his head; a simple gesture of dominance and one he’d never thought of as arousing until then. Her ministrations slowed to a crawl, opting for tracing the seams of his lips and he thrusting his own eager tongue forward, desperate for another taste of spice and something familiar…a flavor of summer and sweet lemonade. She pressed harder, her breasts crushed to his chest, his wrists still restrained, her nails biting into the flesh. Royce’s desire ratcheted up further and as he thought he might succumb to the most embarrassing release ever, she pulled away. Panting, he tugged at his shirt collar. His date faced the window, out of the fan of illumination from low-lit lamps within the room. Curvy with toned arms and legs, her bare back on display, she stood straight and confident, her profile nothing less than stunning. He took a deep breath and exhaled hard. What a way to start the night. Chemistry wouldn’t be an issue. But he also wanted a little conversation. “That’s some way to say hello.” Chuckling, he grabbed his discarded bag and moved farther into the room. “Yes, it is. But I’ve wanted to do that for a long time.” Her voice sounded sultry and all-too-familiar. Holy hell. “Tori?”

About the Author:

Landra Graf consumes at least one book a day, and has always been a sucker for stories where true love conquers all. She believes in the power of the written word, and the joy such words can bring. In between spending time with her family and having book adventures, she writes romance with the goal of giving everyone, fictional or not, their own happily ever after.

Contact Details:

Website: http://riseoftheslush.blogspot.com Email: landra.graf7@gmail.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/landra.graf Twitter: @riseoftheslush

The Museum of Idiosyncrasy is a Tumblr blog about sexytimes and romance. I once told @EroticClara that her site was like poetry in images to me.

If you’re under 18 or easily offended, you absolutely should not check out this site; otherwise, go there and see for yourself.

I go there to get inspiration when I need to write sexy scenes. Every image, to me, tells a story. It evokes a feeling. Every quote speaks truthfully. And, I love it.

I know, subtle title, right?  So, I’m revising because I realized I need more sexual chemistry.  And how do I get that?  Subtle sensuality.

It’s not that I’m an idiot when it comes to writing the sex.  Some people have told me I’m quite adept at it.  It’s just that, sometimes, when you’re trying to get a hundred other things right, like plot and characters and goals and motivation–you get it, it’s easy to forget that people who just jump into bed aren’t sexy.

I started thinking about personal space.  I’m married with kids, so people are in my space all the time.  We hug, we kiss good night, we hold hands.  I forgot, for a moment, how sexy personal space could be.

Because letting someone in your personal space, past that bubble, is incredibly intimate. Click To Tweet

A touch on the hand, a massage, a hand brushing the thigh–tell me that couldn’t send your blood pressure through the roof with the right person.  So, I’m focusing on showing sexual chemistry and attraction by showing that secret, tingly sharing of personal space and putting off the payoff as loooooong as possible.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  Maybe even posting a sampling.

Love scenes are not all about the physical act, they are more about the characters and the story. What happens to change them and advance the plot?

via Writing the Love Scene in Fiction Stories: How to Add Heat to Romance Novels without Turning the Reader Off.

The site is gone. But the thought is still fab, right?

Emotional sex. Note that I am NOT coining the “love scene” euphemism. I do this deliberately-for now-though by the end, I’m hoping that’s exactly what sex will be, making love: sweet, hot, emotive sex that is unforgettable. And this can be done.

This wonderful article (link @ the end) discusses making your sex scenes emotional (and overcoming the fear of writing the dreaded sex scene).

Making sex emotional does NOT mean the characters have to be in love already. What it means is, they have to have inner conflict, tension, insecurities or physical or emotional limitations that add to the emotional wallop of the act itself, and add to tension later, if necessary.

Yes, exactly!  This is how I’ve always written sex scenes, because those are the sex scenes I want to read.  But I’ve never, ever seen anyone put this to words.  Every scene in your novel should have conflict and it should move the story forward.  A sex scene is absolutely no different.

Melissa James* gives examples and dissects them to show why they work.  I highly recommend this article if you ever plan on writing a sex scene–romance or not.

via Wow! Women on Writing – An eZine for women writers, authors, editors, agents, publishers, and readers.

*Website no longer available.

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