dafrn hollywood dirtI recently decided to jump on the bandwagon and read Hollywood Dirt. I couldn’t put it down until it was all gone. Plus, can you say, “Hot, hot, hot?”

The heroine is just a normal girl from the South, so I thought dating advice would be totally helpful from this book (even if the hero is the hottest actor alive).

Dating Advice from Romance Novels: Hollywood Dirt

  1. Always sleep in your good red panties and leave the front door unlocked. And sleep late, at least until a crazy sexy guy shows up to be overwhelmed by your hotness.
  2. Play hard to get. Apparently, that’s the way to a movie star’s heart.
  3. Kick rude people out of your house. Go ahead, you know you want to, and this way, you might become a star.
  4. Just because you’re insanely attracted to the biggest star on the planet, like you had personal happy time with him in mind, is no reason to not knee him in the balls.
  5. If, by some chance, you’re a gorgeous movie star whose wife broke your heart… go for the girl next door. Every time.


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