Writing Through the Pain

lifeI’ve experienced a lot of tragedy in the last three months. In February, one of my friends since childhood was brutally murdered. In March, my grandfather passed away. And last week, my mother-in-law died from a sudden illness.

I am exhausted. I don’t mean that to sound mean, like, “Oh, hey, people dying is very inconvenient for me.” I just feel like I’ve walked through an emotional mine-field. And I have written. I know I have, because since January, I’ve kept a small calendar in which I put a star on every day that I write. I’ve missed maybe four days a month, on average, since the beginning of they year.

I’m proud of that. Like, maybe I walked through an emotional┬ámind-field juggling chain saws. Unfortunately, I had nothing else to write about on the blog except, “Wow, life is hard sometimes.” But, I’m here. I’m surviving. And I’m writing.

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