Dating advice from the novel Party Girl by Rachel Hollis

This week, I finished Party Girl by Rachel Hollis. It’s true stories of the author’s experiences incorporated into fiction (like The Devil Wears Prada).

Dating Advice: Party Girl

  1. Don’t bounce between boys (or girls) like a ping-pong ball. It’s just never attractive when someone only likes another someone when the third someone is persona non grata. See how confusing that sentence is? That’s why your love life is confusing. Pick a person. See it through. If it doesn’t work out, I swear you’ll be okay without a back-up.
  2. Don’t get drunk with other people you may like and you know like you when you’re heartbroken. I realize we’ve probably all made the poor choice of drinking our troubles away. Except, you know, the trouble is still there when you sober up. And I can’t imagine how sleeping with that other someone doesn’t make the trouble increase exponentially.
  3. In fact, don’t get so drunk you black out, ever. This is not a good time. It’s not a typical Saturday night. If you do this, it’s bad. Like maybe you should talk to someone about your drinking bad. Do not seek out this type of oblivion.
  4. Take responsibility for your life. That's not just dating advice; it's good advice all-around. Share on X If you’re unhappy, it’s up to you to change it. If your life is a mess, what are you going to do about it? A friend sent me this great quote the other day, and I think it does an awesome job of finishing this up:

No one is ever a victim, although your conquerors would have you believe in your own victimhood. How else could they conquer you?

–Barbara Marciniak


P.S. I’ve never (to date) been given a book to review. I believe I got this book before release as part of my Amazon Prime membership. This is only my opinion and if yours is different, that’s awesome for us both. Also, shout-out to my awesome friend Carrie for the quote.

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