5 Things: You Didn’t Know About Me

20150212090406You may also not care, but if you read any further I’m going to assume that you do. Or you’re very bored.

  1. I have two dogs and a cat. And three daughters, two of which are grown up ladies, which freaks me out. And maybe a partridge in a pear tree somewhere. Sometimes, I feel like my life is made up of people who adore me that always need something from me. Then I realize that’s quite awesome, and I should stop head-complaining.
  2. I ‘headcanon‘ things all the time. Like couples in restaurants. Two puppies on the sidewalk. Everthing. Constantly. I think it’s a writer thing and I’m certain that what I come up with is far more intriguing than real life (as imagination tends to be).
  3. I have fibromyalgia. It’s this painful, life-suck of an illness. I’ve been very fortunate in a lot of other ways, and I try (most of the time) to focus on these ways.
  4. I got married to my love after dating for just nine months. Which, as a grown up lady, I realize was in-freaking-sane. Literally, just a whackadoo thing to do. I would kill my daughters for even considering it.
  5. I’ve been with my husband half my life. I was twenty when we started dating and he was nineteen. Nineteen. My oldest daughter is twenty now. The same age I was when we started dating. (Yes, I’m forty). I just keep going around this in my mind, like a Rubik’s cube of life. How is this possible? Is this a trick?

Can you relate to any of those? I for-real would love to hear if you can.

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