It’s that time of year again, when all of your writer friends start asking about your daily word count and offering up encouraging motivational quotes. Basically, everyone is writing but you. Well, and me.

If you’re as determined as I am to not write (like that’s a necessary part of being a writer–whatever), here are some ideas to place in your procrastination bank.

4 things to do instead of #NaNo and #writing Share on X

Play a game

I, for example, sometimes play life simulation games. You know, like that Kim Kardashian superstar-for–no-reason-at-all game. I’m the one in the glasses (to show that there’s more to me than my amazing pouty lips and stunning eyes). You’ll notice I’m on the A-list and I’m on level 18. We’re talking serious mindless procrastination potential here.


77.1 million fans, baby. Just like real life. Except not at all.

Hit up the Netflix Queue

You should know I’m a sucker for a good story. And sometimes a good story is the perfect distraction from your good story. You can sit back and think about how you’ll never be able to write dialogue that good or tie up a plotline so neatly. Seriously, undermining yourself can wile away hours of writing time. I personally have completed 3 full seasons of Sons of Anarchy in the last week. Take that, NaNoers.

My bucket list is more or less my netflix queue

Sadly, this is true.

Paint your nails

Or, if no one really cares how your nails look because, what the hell? You’re a writer. You probably haven’t worn clothes that weren’t pajamas for like a week, so just look up pictures of adorable manicures and add them to your pinterest wall. I’m partial to the notebook nails, being a writer and all.

Lined Notebook Nails


Write a blog post

Hey, this is useful, right? Develop your voice. Practice organization. Figure out how to use the quote tag. At least it’s not what everyone else is doing. Wait… yes, it is.

This is how a quote tag looks.

You know what? You should probably just go write something. What was your word count today?



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