I think it’s probably an understatement to say I’ve flirted with depression and have an ongoing relationship with anxiety. I call it being “high-strung,” mostly because that sounds prettier than “I’m a wreck.” My boss and I joked today about how my insomnia is directly related to all the things I can stay up at night worrying about. It’s a fact.

I’m always looking for ways to find my joy.

That’s another one of those phrases I’ve coined. A person, every last one of us, should work to be happy. Research shows¬†that people who keep gratitude journals were way more awesome, and successful, and etc. Enjoy a book–take a moment and recognize that. Puppies are cute? Take a moment, enjoy the puppy. Find those moments of joy, doesn’t matter what it is, and recognize those feelings. Bask in them. Share them, even.

That’s where Happier comes in.

It’s an app that you download and just share those small moments. The app offers to let you follow the moments of those you already know from Facebook (and other social media). And then, when you read the moments of other people, there’s this warmth that fills you up, and it’s… nice. Others can tap and let you know that your moment made them happier. One of mine got on their featured page, so I made lots of contacts with other people trying to be happier.

Couldn’t you be a little happier?

Go read some of the things people have submitted because, well, they chose the best of them. And they’re best is better than mine. But, please, try the app. Let me know what you think about it. I don’t know how to let you add me, but, hey: Lori Sizemore. Look me up.

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