Do people get paid to come up with this?

It’s kinda late and I have to get up early tomorrow which explains why I am wasting time on Facebook. But, luckily I was. Because two different ads showed me what is the “perfect blend of horror and comedy.” It’s horrmedy.

First of all, apparently, the cabin in the woods that everyone is so afraid of is a Rubik’s cube. Ever wondered what it would be like to LIVE in a Rubik’s cube? Probably “sexy, funny, scary, and bold.” And, second? Is that mouth thing supposed to scare me? A mouthful of razor sharp teeth with a mouthful of razor sharp teeth? For all that is good in the world, why? Horrmedy. That’s why.

It reminds me of the time my daughter called my house phone with my cell phone and when she said, “Hello,” it caused an infinite loop of hellos that, frankly, creeped me out and made me doubt my place in the time-place continuum. It was actually scarier than this movie looks.



  1. Oh! I couldn’t help but stop by here before I left. I heard this movie was good. The critic said it was definitely worth seeing… I don’t know.

    I couldn’t tell you, but if you’re making a list of yeses and nos, now you’ve got one yes. :D
    Bethanne | Proud and Disappointed at the same timeMy Profile

  2. Author

    You know, I’ve heard good things about it, too. I think this may be a case where the ad campaign did the movie a disservice.

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