The Hunger Games: I Read It.

And I’m not going to review it. Because far better and more knowledgeable than me have already done so.  I will, however, share my condensed experience.

My Boss: Read this.  It’s good.

Me: Okay, cool.

Two days later,

Me: That first book is incredible. I can’t put it down.

My Boss: When you get to the end you’re going to be really annoyed.

Me, in my head, because he’s my boss: Then why did you tell me to read it?

Later the next day:

Me: You can have your books back.

My Boss: You didn’t like it?

Me: I bought them for my Kindle, because I know I’ll enjoy them more that way… I realize I’m a sick person.

Two days later, in the middle of Catching Fire:

Spoilers Below

I storm into his office at lunch.

Me: What is wrong with you? First it’s all, “Oh, Peeta, Oh, Gale.”  That was bad enough.  But now?  They’re sending them back into the Games?  Do you know I read romance novels?  What were you thinking?

My Boss: What did you think about the conversation where Haymitch explains everything?

Me: Are you even listening to me?  I’m not that far yet.  But, thanks!

And the ending?

Me: It wasn’t as bad as you said.

My Boss: You didn’t hate that her sister died?

Me: No, there’s symmetry in that.  And it was foreshadowed. I could totally buy that.  I hate that she didn’t kill Snow after promising every person he ever screwed with. But, it was okay.  It’s difficult to end books that are that full and strong.

My Boss: I thought it was messed up.

Me: I might’ve felt differently if someone hadn’t warned me I’d hate the end so I spent the entire time trying to guess what could happen that I would hate. I could be wrong.

*My boss is actually superdiliawesome. I may have exaggerated his cluenessness for the sake of amusement.  Yours and mine.

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  1. Yes, people do complain about the end. I think you’re right . . . how do you even end such a story. I don’t know what could’ve been satisfactory. Agree on Snow . . .
    Nina B | Hunger Games ObsessedMy Profile

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