Writing Free Form Character Biographies

I think I opened one hell of a can of worms when I offered to post one of my sample biographies last week.  Three hours later, I’ve done the prep work and I’m ready to post.

The biography I’m including today is for a secondary character in the manuscript I’m working on now.  Because I wanted to make comments so you could see my process, I typed it into MS Word, used the Review>Comment button to add info along the right side (in pretty blue bubbles) and, occasionally, in the text itself (but also in blue).


This is what you'll see if you download the file.  For four pages. =)

You can download the PDF here* and it will also be available on my Downloads page for always.

*When you click on the sample graphic or the text link, it just opens the PDF up in your browser.  If you like that sort of thing, we’re golden.  If not, right click (PC) or Control + Click (Mac) to save.

Everything I wanted to say is on that PDF.  I’ll be happy to discuss my process or answer any questions if you leave them for me in the comments or @me on Twitter.

Next Week:

I’ll show you how I used that backstory to create an internal and external goal/motivation/conflict chart as well as a real, live picture of GMC charts hanging on my wall and diagrammed for your use.  Because, yes, I am that awesome.  Or it’s not a big deal.

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