Best Writing Linkage 08.15.2011

A lot of good links this week from writing sex and dialogue to eReaders–good or bad? to sexism in reviews.

  • How To Promote Your Book – Politely by Derek Haines (via Jynnipher Olbert and Allan Douglas): Tips on promoting your book without making people hate you.
  • You Can Stuff Your Mary Sue Where the Sun Don’t Shine by Zoë Marriott: What a Mary-Sue character is not (any girl that annoys you), what it is, and a plea to stop the gender hate-on by using this phrase.
  • Guest post by Kristen Lamb on Scene Antagonists and Big Boss Troublemakers @ Adventure’s in Children’s Publishing blog: A LOT of manuscript problems can be traced back to an unclear antagonist.
  • Guest post by author Liz Borino on Writing Natural Dialogue @ It’s All About Writing: What dialogue should be doing and how to make it happen.
  • When available, the author link goes to their Twitter page.  If I tell you who linked me to the article, it’s so you can follow those clever people on twitter.  Because I love twitter.  And you should, too.

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