So, I needed some creative inspiration. I keep coming back to these characters. Their story stalled on me. It lacked direction, I think. But the characters. I love these characters.

Then, a series of blog posts came across my computer, on Tarot cards and writing from Raelyn Barclay (@raelynbarclay on Twitter). I remembered a Material Girl post I did, years ago, about using Tarot cards to help write. I’d even picked out the deck I wanted (which is good, I’d never have remembered after this long).

I couldn’t get the idea out of my head. I checked out the cards again and they’re just beautiful. Modern, girl-powery, bold. I chose the Vanessa Tarot and you can see all the cards here.

The cards are due to be delivered today. Besides Raelyn Barclay’s site, I’ve also been researching with info from Biddy Tarot, and I bought Tarot for Writers (which I’m still reading, but it’s wow).

I will definitely update you in the next few days. I’m dying to get started!

If you’ve used Tarot to help you write, I’d love your input in the comments or on Twitter.


  1. I love your post! I use my cards all the time, especially when I feel stuck. While writing my last book, I needed help with my character Kate. I’m old (51!) and she’s 20-something and I just felt like I wasn’t connecting with her. So I did a full Celtic Cross spread asking what Kate was like, what was going on for her. It was so dead-on I ended up having to write it into the book. (If you read the book, The River Within, the scene with Greer reading the cards for Kate is that spread, verbatim. Amazing!) I don’t usually use them to flesh out a character as much as I do to relax (like Greer, in the book). Often they will break my mental log jam and send my feverishly back to work. Other than taking a walk with my dogs, they are the most effective tool in my inspirational tool box. Thanks for the post. (You might find this post of mine entertaining – Best, Baxter

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