Five Things I Couldn’t Write Without

Everyone’s process is different.  I’m still figuring mine out.  Some people make collages or use whiteboards or a special type of pencil.  Here’s a list of the five things I could never write without:

  1. My notebook.  Right now, I’m using a hardbacked steno notebook.  It’s smaller and easier for me to deal with.  But I’ve used hardbound journals, 5 subject notebooks, even scraps of paper I stick in my pocket.  The point is, I get ideas all day long, but I have a window of real writing time.  If I didn’t write it down, I’d never remember a thing.
  2. My iPod shuffle.  First, I make a play list for the novel I’m working on.  Then, I put on the headphones and blast it while I write.  It helps me disconnect from the world around me and find the world I’m creating.
  3. Write or Die text editor.  I won’t expound on its virtues again, just trust me.  Or follow that link back there.
  4. Coffee.  I realize this is highly subjective and probably not very helpful, but I’m being honest here.  My creativity begins and ends with caffeine in the form of hot, fresh, creamy coffee.  And the occasional mocha latte.
  5. Laptop.  I know.  Anticlimatic.  I could’ve listed my beloved pens or the occasional candle, but, really, without a laptop you’re comfortable with, one you can smoke the keys if you really get hit by inspiration, one that’s well organized and easy to use–you’re just sitting there with a bunch of ideas and no outlet.

I’m fascinated by the writing process and I’d love to hear what you can’t write without.



  1. It’s funny how we have our little quirks that help us churn out the words! lol

    I have special notebooks for each book and try to find one that fits the “theme”. Since I’m writing currently about angels, my friend found me some notebooks that have hearts with angels wings on them! Too perfect. She also got me a ring that’s angel wings, so I put that on when I write sometimes. It helps keep me on track.

    During writing time I usually wear my pink baseball cap I got at the Superbowl a few years ago. It reminds me of achievement, peak performance, and the reward for lots of hard work. And it’s handy for not letting ideas fly away! lol

    Lastly, I have to write with tea. I love coffee and drink it sometimes too, but every session of writing involves tea. It makes me feel connected to the writers of old and feel like one of the gang :-)

  2. Sometimes I think it’s the little things, like the notebooks and favorite pens and baseball caps, that keep us going in what can be a frustrating (but worthwhile) endeavor.

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