Amazon Was NOT Mocking Me

I just ordered some books for my daughter because she’s become hooked on Nora Roberts and somehow I’ve managed to keep one or two books of a trilogy and be short the rest.  So I rounded out about four trilogies for her and placed my order.

So you know, I’m a clicker.  I’m one of those people that will totally start out on a page about, say, rabbits and end up on a page about how to make a quilt out of old t-shirts.  That being said, I innocently clicked on the recommendations for me link.  And I saw this. (Digital How to Write a Great Query Letter–no longer available.)

I thought.  You’re mocking me, Amazon.  You know I’m working on that damned synopsis / query letter stuff and you put this up right after I just made one of many purchases.  Screw you, Amazon.  No.  Really.  I mean it this time.  We’re so over.

And then I looked again.  It’s a free download.  Why?  Because the writer is awesome and wants to give back to the writing community.  I downloaded it.  Amazon and I agreed to never speak of this little misunderstanding again.  I’m still reading, but it looks pretty good.  So…. go download it!


  1. Великолепно. Тема заинтересовала. Пошел серфить яндекс

  2. WTF? I removed the spam links, but does anyone know what the hell it says? I put the phrase in google, and ventego has apparently spammed this exact line on at least 11 pages worth of google hits. That’s what we call a blog slut!

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