I think that I’ve outgrown pop quizzes.  They were all about doing something fun and delving into different aspects of romance, but they were more flash than substance.  Also, while completely random and silly, they were still personal, in that they were about me.  And why do you care if I kiss like a woman or what movie my love life is like?

So, from now on, Saturdays will be the day that I discuss romance*.  Sometimes it’ll be something one could incorporate into their writing, or it might be inappropriately amusing, or it might be kind of touching, or… you know what?  We’ll just see where it goes, mmkay?

Up first:  How to Love on Wikihow.  Seriously?  People need directions?  The Idiot’s Guide to Being in Love?  On an unrelated note, I saw the book below, recently–don’t ask why, I had a very good reason, okay?–and it’s pretty freaking funny.  Unintentionally.  Which makes it funnier, still.

*Update 4/9/11: I don’t do a writing schedule anymore.


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