Designing a Novel… Let’s Try This Again

I mentioned on Saturday that the house planning book I bought didn’t live up to my expectations.  Here’s hoping this will:

Home Quick Planner: Reusable, Peel & Stick Furniture & Architectural Symbols

The Home Quick Planner includes 700 precut, reusable peel-and-stick, 1/4-inch scale furniture and architectural symbols, plus a 5,600 square-foot floor plan grid to help you design your own building, remodeling and decorating projects. (Also good for moving.) Symbols include everything you need from tables, chairs, couches, beds and pianos to every standard kitchen cabinet and appliance, an extensive assortment of bathroom fixtures and cabinets (for example, twelve sets of sink designs, six different showers, and a dozen various baths and whirlpools), plus windows, doors, walls, switches, outlets, lights and much more. Simply lift the symbols and arrange them on the floor plan grid to design floor plans, move furniture and make changes. Step-by-step instructions and “Design Details: Critical Dimensions & Clearances” are provided to help you improve your design and save money. After you’ve finished designing your floor plans with the Home Quick Planner, you can build a three-dimensional model of your design with the 3-D Home Kit (also by Daniel Reif).

Okay, so they will stick and peel, which makes me happy.  I can’t imagine trying to keep up with 700 small pre-cut shapes!  Also, from what I understand, 1/4″ means they can be used on real floor plans.  Not that this helps me any.  I draw mine or download samples from, depending on my needs.  Hey, if I really love it, maybe I’ll even get the 3-D Home Kit! But the biggest plus to this is I can make it, scan it, and print it out so I have the floor plan. That’s not going to happen with the other.

Will update!

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