Do You NaNoWriMo?

Every year, I tell myself I’m going to do it. Write 50k words in a month. I believe I could do it, given the right motivation and circumstances. You know… probably. This year, it was family court throughout November and I was lucky to get a thing done.

But I don’t think I’m going to set myself for NaNoWriMo guilt anymore. I mean, honestly, we all know we should be writing, every day, or at least on some sort of schedule. I think that’s the part of Na…okay, you know what I mean. NNWM. There.

If NNWM works for you, that’s fabulous. But, for me, it just seems like new year resolutions. I never do those, because they presume we’re flawed. Of course, we are; but sometimes the flaws are the most interesting parts.

Is there a point here? I don’t get from NNWM what some people do–a charge, a challenge. I guess I’m saying if you don’t get it either, then that’s okay. You’re still awesome in my book.

But, I do believe in accountability. So I’m going searching for a widget. (I’m writing this Saturday–it may be in place by the time you read this.) And I’m holding myself accountable to you, my very dear and few readers.

Pretend you’re my boss and tell me to get my ass back to work if you see me slacking off. ;-)

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