Neo (Formerly the Alphie)

A section on writing tools is really incomplete without an article on the Alphasmart Neo.  Pros, as I understand them (I don’t have one):

  • You can’t self-edit, because you only see “two through six lines of text”.
  • It is very easy to transfer over to a word document, almost magically easy.  See the site for details.
  • Includes spell check, for, you know, people who need those sort of things.
  • It’s portable like crazy.

The cons?

  • Cost prohibitive, for some (like me), at the sale price of $219. As of 6.30.11, the price is $169.

That is all.  Make up your own mind.  Feel free to comment.


  1. It looks so…douchy. I don’t know – the function seems awesome, but I would feel like such a dweeb all “here’s my big keyboard and tiny screen! It may remind you of a big calculator, but it totally isn’t! It’s a big electronic notepad instead!”
    I would totally not use it out in public. I am completely and unashamedly shallow on this point, apparently.
    Maybe if it came in sparkles…

  2. Bling up the alphie!

    I’m fine with a pen and piece of paper. I’ve written entire scenes, on breaks, and folded the paper up and kept it in my pocket all day. You can write anywhere, if you really want to.

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