In honor of Mother’s Day (hi, mom!), I thought I’d throw down five things my mom was totally right about. I will have a child just like me. I have three girls. In some tortuous way, they are each like me. Sometimes it’s an eye roll, sometimes a quippy retort I simply can’t rebut, and sometimes it’s discussing the merits of each Legend of Zelda game. It’s both awful and wonderful to have people so like me. And I bet my mom feels the same way. You’ll thank me when your older. Boy, did I thank her later. Thanks for not letting me go toRead More →

This morning, my daughter walked around the house, in the aimless way they look for something except they expect you’ll pull it from behind your back and save them the trouble. She was supposed to wear her school shirt today.¬†Literally, everyone else will be wearing theirs. But, she went in the outfit she could find, because I’m that Mom. I know the other mom’s will judge me, maybe the teachers, too. It’s just that she knew two days ago, and she chose to Facetime with her friends yesterday instead of finding her shirt, so… she doesn’t have the shirt. Gotta learn the hard facts aboutRead More →

You may also not care, but if you read any further I’m going to assume that you do. Or you’re very bored. I have two dogs and a cat. And three daughters, two of which are grown up ladies, which freaks me out. And maybe a partridge in a pear tree somewhere. Sometimes, I feel like my life is made up of people who adore me that always need something from me. Then I realize that’s quite awesome, and I should stop head-complaining. I ‘headcanon‘ things all the time. Like couples in restaurants. Two puppies on the sidewalk. Everthing. Constantly. I think it’s a writerRead More →

Guess who had to buy a hot water heater and spent 24 hours without hot water which, I know, is so first-world-whiny, but it was awful. Anyway, this happened. Me: That tank isn’t going to get by that pipe. Husband: Yes, it will. Three hours later… Husband: I had to take out that pipe. The very. next. day… Husband: I think the dresser will fit there without any problem. Me: There’s no way. The bathroom door wouldn’t open. Husband: It would mostly open.¬†(Whatever that means.) Me: I don’t think so. Remember the pipe? I don’t think you’re very good at this. A tape measure later…Read More →

So, just so you know how exciting and full my life is, I thought I’d update you. I am about three-fourths of the way through my novella set in the fifties. I’m really excited about it. My heroine is one hot mess and it’s so interesting for me to watch her arc. My friend, Landra, tells me I only write really messed up characters. And she’s right. They’re my favorite. But in all fairness, I spent ten years in mental health. I think everyone is a little messed up. The fun is in the details. Anyway, it is my fervent hope to have this storyRead More →

I’m using my post this week to complain about the horrid commercialism of the holidays. No, no. It’s to celebrate finishing up my shopping and doing it all online because, damn, people are rude in stores this time of year. Now that I’ve got my bah, humbug out of the way, I’ll get to my real point. I’m suggesting the best kind of gift we can give, if we’re fortunate enough to be able to do so. I’m not going to lie and say my kids didn’t get gifts for themselves–oh, yeah. I’m awesome at Christmas gifts, by the way. But, I don’t like toRead More →

¬†Remember when the cat kept peeing on the bed and I looked it up online? And I told you she was stress-peeing? You laughed at me, but we switched her to wet food, and I mixed it with water, and that totally did fix it? Him: Yeah…? Me: Good times, good times. FYI, I have a need for rightness-reinforcement.Read More →

Happiness, joy, life; all are things I’ve spent most of my time on this planet thinking about and working at. I’ve learned a bit, like the key to true happiness is personal responsibility. If someone else can make you happy, someone else can make you miserable. But if you make yourself happy, no one can take that away but you.Read More →

I think nearly everyone who is close to me laughs a little because I’m feeling-lady. I’ve had people tell me not to cry and I’ve actually had to explain that my tears were a natural expression of emotion and everything would be just fine. But, I also struggle to be more emotionally open to people, because I, like most Appalachian people, received a healthy dose of keep-your-private-business-private. I tell my daughter she and her friends are the oversharing generation. It’s all on FB (or Instagram or Twitter or, or, or). And yet, she nurses her hurts in private, like most of us. I think theyRead More →

This is where we go–Capitol Market. So named for it’s closeness to the state capitol building. And it’s a market. But, ohmygosh you guys. They have fresh veggies, fresh meat and fish (I buy so much. so much). They also sell local and awesome wine and chocolate. And other stuff I’m forgetting because that’s what I do. Check out the website I linked in the name.Read More →