You know I posted about watching good TV to become a better writer? This isn’t like that. I had this major day-job thing going on the last few months, and I’ve been relieving stress by watching television. Specifically, soapy drama. Private Practice, the new Dallas. Which led me and my incredibly awesome daughter who enjoys the same odd things I do to old Dallas. We’re on Season 2. And it’s… wow. It’s so bad it’s good. Like how everyone used to love to hate J.R. Amiright? There are these “Oh, no, he did NOT!” moments, and “Disco [dancing] is creepy…” moments, and “They’re playing dramaticRead More →

This is a conversation between my husband and I, and the inspiration for this new series of posts. H: We should buy a boat. Me: We’re not buying a boat. H: You need to sell a book. Me: That’s true. But we won’t be able to buy a boat. H: We could get a sleeper. I don’t think you’d want any other kind, because they don’t have bathrooms. Me: You got that right. So, it’s like camping? H: On the water. [Said with the reverence one might use to say, “On the sun.”] Me: And they lock? Because what if someone tries to break in?Read More →

The other day, I was driving to work. And I turned on the radio, like ya do, when work is only ten minutes away and it’s too much work to dig out a CD and you’re running late anyway. And Hey, Soul Sister by Train was on the radio. And, it’s an earworm. Try to deny it. But, then, I realized this song is always like an accident you can’t look away from for me. Because it’s all, “Oh, that’s pretty. Poetic, even.” And then you’re all, “What did you just say? Why… why would you say that?” You know I come with examples. YourRead More →

Within a few hours of my notification, the entire site had been suspended. Today, when I went back to the offending post, it’s gone.

Someone did something wrong. And I stood up for myself. And it worked out.

Is it sad, because that happens so rarely, I’m actually shocked?Read More →

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post. I’m not going to tell you which one because… okay, let me tell the story first. So, a post. I publish it and it’s not even about anything (as usual). It’s not even one of my posts that people occasionally find useful (like the one on Kindlefeeder, or The Hero’s Journey in Clash of the Titans, or some of the writing posts). The day after I published it, I caught a weird pingback in my spam filter. I get those all the time when I link to one of my older posts but this one wasn’tRead More →

It’s kinda late and I have to get up early tomorrow which explains why I am wasting time on Facebook. But, luckily I was. Because two different ads showed me what is the “perfect blend of horror and comedy.” It’s horrmedy. First of all, apparently, the cabin in the woods that everyone is so afraid of is a Rubik’s cube. Ever wondered what it would be like to LIVE in a Rubik’s cube? Probably “sexy, funny, scary, and bold.” And, second? Is that mouth thing supposed to scare me? A mouthful of razor sharp teeth with a mouthful of razor sharp teeth? For all thatRead More →

I wrote a short Christmas story and it’s being hosted over @ Passionate Critters as part of their 12 Days of Christmas. Please go read and give me some comment luv! Update 06.06.2012: The server there sort of met with a bad end. And we moved, but we didn’t move our things. Because we didn’t need to. But, I’ve uploaded the story here. Read it when you feel all in the holiday spirit! Link: Last ChristmasRead More →

As mentioned on many occasions, I have become a full on convert to the digital reading experience. However, I still enjoy the occasional magazine (I got suckered into a year’s subscription when my kid was fundraising so she could have a fifty cent toy).

So, I’m scanning through the magazine, and I see this ad.Read More →

I drive the dog to the vet. It’s an hour away, but takes like an hour and forty-five minutes since I go slow so as not to alarm him. I talked to him the whole way. And not like, “Yes, well, this is going to be a lovely morning, I believe.” No, it was things like:

“I promise, after this, we’re going to treat you like a king. Totally.”
“Just think, things are going to be better after this. Well, not immediately after this. This is going to suck. But, this is like the first step in things being better. Just think of it that way.”Read More →

An article on CNN has a woman describing the 10 things she learned from her mom. It caught my attention right away with this: “What’s the worst case scenario?” is a good approach to any dilemma. I’m that mom. I always catch myself saying, “Okay, worst case scenario, X happens. So what can you do?” I’ve always believed that not only do you prepare for the worst so you can handle anything, but also that the worst isn’t all that scary when it has a name. Other Me-Truisms You can’t control how you feel, but you can control how you handle those feelings. Feelings aren’tRead More →