And, on that premise, the thing I am intensely lusting for is… this. I nearly choked on my coffee when I happened to see it in an email from Overstock this week. Update 06.28.2011: I recently read this book (loved it).  I received it from because I had credits and it was on auto-order… anyway, I put off reading it for months.  Want to know why?  Because it’s in paper.  And I really love the convenience of my Kindle.  Of course, when you can’t put it down and end up reading it in a couple of days, convenience isn’t such a big deal.Read More →

This site has some awesome software most days. Two things to watch for: 1) when you go to the download page, check to make sure it’s not a “time limited offer” (not all are) and 2) install it that day. If you try to install it later, it won’t go through. <br /> <a href=”” mce_href=””>Giveaway of the Day</a><br />Read More →

No Bitch, Ok! For Me. There’s a great story behind why I made this list. Also, the whole Bitch, Ok! thing will make more sense. You can read it by expanding the section below or just go straight to the list. [dropdown_box expand_text=”The Story” show_more=”Read” show_less=”Lose” start=”hide”]I got a new car.  It has an MP3 player.  I missed that.  275 songs.  1 disc.  I heart you, technology. So, last week, for the first time (for some crazy reason) I was actually alone.  For several hours.  In my car.  With the Mp3s.  And the characters in my head.  In my imagination.  Except it’s not really quite your imaginationRead More →

I know, I suck.  Monday is dance day (not for me, for my daughter, although it’s proven inspirational, so yay!)–anyway, I’m late.  Sorry.  Really. Here’s what I want.  I think it describes the writing process perfectly.  And, I drink coffee, especially when I’m writing, like I breathe air.Read More →

Want to hear something amusing?  It occurred to me that my mother might read this, or my aunt, both of whom I love dearly (who will call me on this)…and I nearly censored myself.  Ironic?  I think so.  So sorry Mom and Auntie T., but that’s just what censorship is. Ooookay, and this post starts now. Today’s link is to 25 Banned Books That You Should Read Today. The idea of banning books amazes me.  The only reason I can think of that libraries and schools would ban books is because parents are too lazy to parent their children.  We’re not talking going into theRead More →

“Passion gives us moments of wholeness.” ~Anaïs Nin I didn’t realize how true this was, of you, of me, of all of us–until you were gone.  I miss you.Read More →

More necklaces from Etsy that declare that you love love, and you’re proud to admit it.Read More →

Apparently, there seems to be a link between creativity and…well, madness.  A show of hands, please, from anyone who is surprised.  Anyone?  Didn’t think so. Here’s the link for the article.  Research was done by U of T (no clue) and Harvard. This discovery, I think, is about as shocking as finding out the wheel is round.  Do you know any sane writers?  If you do, they’re faking it.  Trust me.Read More →

Wear it on a necklace.  Give men an excuse a reason when their eyes do that obvious dart to your chest. From Etsy.  The awesomest site.  Ever.Read More →

This site reminds me a lot of Post Secret, only without the awesome art. It doesn’t make it any less powerful to read, though. I admire these people, who share a slice of their life. If I had to boil my life down to one sentence, one illuminating moment that defined my existence, or had at least strongly shaped it, I just don’t believe I’d have the words. At the same time, interesting as it is, and it is a little like realizing you can see into your neighbor’s window just when they’re doing something incredible/humiliating/sexy… wouldn’t this be great practice? Take all of yourRead More →