DAfRN: That Touch of Magic


So, last week, I finished not one but two (the only currently released, or it would’ve been more) books in the Nodaway Falls stories by Lucy March. March also writes (and has been recommended on this site) as Lani Diane Rich. I read two because I adored the first one. And then, I bought the second and realized that I was ready to settle down and have babies with it–that’s how much more I loved it. (Links to both books can be found at the end of this post.)

Dating Advice from Romance Novels: That Touch of Magic (Nodaway Falls #2)

  1. Always, always, always choose the slightly dorky but sweet and sensitive guy. Bad boys have their place, but only a good guy can crack a bad girl’s impenetrable exo-skeleton. That metaphor may have gotten out of hand. Dorks and bugs. Wow.
  2. Just because the love of your life cheats on you then leaves, for ten years, to join THE PRIESTHOOD doesn’t mean you’re not meant to be together. Yes, that really happens.
  3. Avoiding your feelings can have serious consequences. For example, you may not notice spontaneous magical mayhem erupting all over your town.
  4. If you literally catch fire when you kiss your love, be extra careful not to burn him (or her).
  5. It might be useful to deal with the verbal abuse you received at the hands of your wretched mother before you attempt to work out any relationship issues. (See number three).



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