image I’ve been building myself (okay, the internet isn’t helping) into a frenzy about the upcoming Veronica Mars movie. Okay, wait. Let me start at the beginning.

There was this show. I once wrote that it [the first season] was the “the most perfect season of television in the history of ever.”

There was this sarcastic, dark, twisty detective (also a teenage girl).

She was hilarious and vulnerable, loyal and jaded, wickedly clever and terribly isolated. The show also featured every best secondary and tertiary ever created and banter so good, you could cry. Yeah, I think that covers it.

This show was critically adored so, of course, it constantly struggled to stay on the air. It made it for three seasons (maybe in large part due to fan campaigns). And then, like all wonderful things in life, it ended.

I wish I were kidding when I tell you I walked around for a month singing Michelle Branch’s Goodbye to You and tearing up. I’m not ashamed at all of my frequently quoting dialogue in conversation to. this. day.

But, then something unheard of happened.

Since, hello? They couldn’t muster enough ratings to make it past three seasons, nobody in Hollywood said, “For purely sentimental reasons, here’s a couple million bucks. Go make a movie.” The creator of the show, Rob Thomas, started a Kickstarter campaign, broke a bunch of records, and raised the money in like ten hours.

Then, as far as I can tell, every single person came back for the movie (despite many of them going on to more success) and the movie was filmed over 28 days last summer. (Does this sound like a fairy tale to anyone else?) It will be released on 3.14.14.

I’m almost giddy with excitement. My season 1 DVDs arrived Friday to begin the obligatory rewatch before the movie premieres. To aid in this, Amazon has all the season DVDs on sale. (I’ll include links at the bottom.) It’s possible, I suppose, that Amazon is just making savvy and timely marketing choices, but I prefer to think of them as my considerate best friend. I’ve certainly purchased enough Kindles for them to want to stay on my good side.*

So, in closing, 2014 is the year I turn 40 and the year my fangirl dreams come true.

The movie’s first look trailer is included just below here, and I’m including some crunchy resources from all over the internet.

I was going to end with a VM quote, but I can’t pick one. Go watch this show. Now.



Linkage for you

*PS. Apparently, they’re also available to Amazon Prime members for free streaming.

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