Putting It Out There

Every day, I read blogs from writers, editors, and agents telling us (writers) not to complain on our personal sites.  Don’t reveal too much about yourself, or your weaknesses, or your failures.  Too many times, I’ve happened across a forum war or, worse, an Amazon review war between an author and readers or even other authors.

What you write is cached somewhere–Google or the Wayback Machine–and you’ll never escape the day you told a little too  much or complained a little too loudly or even acted like a total bitchface because someone dared to negatively review  your work.

This is why I admire Lani Diane Rich/Lucy March so much.  On her site, she’s spent the last year or so (and a hundred more days, give or take) completely emotionally naked.  She put her weaknesses and shame and pain out there for the world to see.  She fell in love in front of everyone after, she’ll tell you, swearing to never ever ever marry again.  She did that, too, on her blog.  The woman put herself out there.

And a beautiful, inspiring thing happened.  Bacon and sex and Betties (her commenters-turned-community) happened.  FGBV’s happened all over the place.  (I’m still not sure what those are, having missed the early days of the blog, but I can just tell it’s a very good thing to be sent.  Like a hallmark full of love and positive energy.)  I admire her.  I admire her skills, I admire her sheer bravery, and I admire the kindness and acceptance she gives to everyone (except herself, but that’s changing, too).

I strongly recommend you go there and just absorb it all.  Dig through the archives.  And, seriously, buy some of her books.  (That just got thrown in there, but, really, the woman can write on top of it all).

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  1. Author

    Lucy sent me a very nice thank you tweet and also told me what FGBV’s are.

    “FGBVs are Fairy GodBetty Vibes. ;) Powerful stuff.”

    Powerful, indeed.

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