Create Your Writing Bible

An excellent article on how to create a set of rules for what’s selling and, more importantly, what you like reading in your romance novels.  It makes it a lot easier to know what to write when you know what you like.

But I needed help—some guidelines when it came to spinning a story that was right for the market.

And that’s when I realized I should turn to the bible. No, I wasn’t getting religious. This was all about research and the creation of my own bible—a set of rules to follow and requirements to incorporate. This was all about identifying the sort of things that had to appear in a book.

I’m not merely talking about love scenes. I’m talking about lifestyles, backgrounds of characters, how to get to that happily ever after at the end of the book, and a myriad of other elements.

How to Dissect Romance Novels and Create Rules for Writing.

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  1. In the games industry developers compile a book about the game they’re workingon – and they call it the bible too! It’s a good way to keep track of all the decisions they’ve made – or have yet to make – about a project.

    Thanks for hopping over to my blog – yours is really cool, and definitely divaish!

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