Write…Or Die!

Want the awesomest “writing” program I have ever encountered?  Then you need Write or Die – Desktop Edition.  It’s rocks so hard, rock stars are jealous.  First, let me tell you, you can use or try it online, for free.  (I love free).  It took me one session, in which I wrote over a thousand words in half an hour to know I wanted to own this genius piece of software.

It motivates in three ways: gentle mode-a box comes up reminding you to get back to writing, normal-annoying sounds start playing (it’s incredibly maddening), and kamikaze-your words start untyping themselves.  In all three, the screen starts turning red.  You can also set a word goal, a time goal, or both.  I have to tell you, basic as it may sound, watching those words add up at the bottom of the screen and avoiding the red screen of badness is powerful.

At least give it a try, if you’re like any writer I know, and struggle to meet your goals.  Make it work for you.

P.S. Thank you, Dr. Wicked!

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