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New Year Resolutions Are Evil

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New Year’s Day: Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual. ~Mark Twain via (which no longer seems to exist). Which, I suppose, one may be.  But I prefer to stay positive.  I’m not failing–I just still have things […]

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Merry Christmas!


That is all.  Have a fabulous day, to those who celebrate. Image: Aleksandr Kutsayev /

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NanoWriMO Support

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It amazes me how supportive nanoers are to one another.  When I tried this a few years ago, I felt so alone and couldn’t see my way through it.  But interacting on twitter, though it can be distracting, has shown me how supportive other writers and NaNo participants are.  I’ve received more than one reply […]

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Does This Make Me Sad or Scary?


I had a yay! moment when I received this. Dear Lori, This is just a friendly email to confirm that your request for the book ‘Helter Skelter : The True Story Of The Manson Murders’ by Vincent Bugliosi, Curt Gentry has been accepted into our system at PaperBackSwap. In the next couple of days you […]

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Happy International Talk Like A Pirate Day!



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Sad News for ePublishing


Quartet Press is no more. I had high hopes for the publishing group, after reading their blogs, their proposed plans on how to do business, and the hype.  Oh, the hype.  All I can really say now is that they came on the scene with a bang, and left with a whimper. Read what people […]

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Purple Prose


Not advocating the writing of such, but I found this Erotic Thesaurus – A Guide to Purple-Prose for the Literary Artist. Edit 08.19.2012: Recently this site has been down for exceeding its bandwidth. If it’s not working, my site will (usually) strike-through the link text. If that continues, I’ll remove the link.

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Forget Backstory… how about backing up?


My site disappeared for a few days. I wrote my very friendly hosts and asked what the problem might be. Seems my server died and went to pc heaven. If I had a backup of the site, they’d be happy to restore it for me. Um, a what? So. They somehow found a backup for […]

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