The Bloggess, in her usual WTF Bloggess fashion, has dominated government and prepared us all for the zombie apocalypse.  Thank heavens for her.  God bless America, y’all.

UPDATED X 5: Why voter-driven awards are fundamentally flawed. —  A.K.A. What’s up, Shorty (Awards)?!

New Year’s Day: Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual. ~Mark Twain

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I don't believe in New Year's resolutions. I think it presumes one is somehow failing already. Click To Tweet

Which, I suppose, one may be.  But I prefer to stay positive.  I’m not failing–I just still have things to learn.

In that vein, what do I want to learn this year?

  • To write, in some fashion every day.  I mean every day, whether I feel like it or I’m tired or I’ve got kids running around.  Every day.  I have learned that I write best when I keep my story fresh.  If I can’t “write” a scene, then I’ll make notes, or brainstorm, or work on the synopsis, or reread it for a refresher.
  • I’m writing a rough draft.  That means no editing as I go, no going back and deciding this isn’t working here or there or that scene isn’t long enough.  Just write it–and sort the rest out later.  There’s something to be said for allowing creatively to flow uninhibited.
  • I will fear less and learn to accept rejection more.  I will send my work out without fear because I may have a lot to learn and I may be rejected, but I’ll never be published while it sits in a folder on my hard drive.
  • I will remember that I write for the love of it, the rush, the thrill of creating people and worlds and stories because it makes me happy.

I’d love to hear your goals/resolutions/that which you want to  learn in the comments!

That is all.  Have a fabulous day, to those who celebrate.

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It amazes me how supportive nanoers are to one another.  When I tried this a few years ago, I felt so alone and couldn’t see my way through it.  But interacting on twitter, though it can be distracting, has shown me how supportive other writers and NaNo participants are.  I’ve received more than one reply to my tweets of frustration or success.  If you’re NaNoing, definitely follow the #nanowrimo hash tag there.

I had a yay! moment when I received this.

Dear Lori,

This is just a friendly email to confirm that your request for the book ‘Helter Skelter : The True Story Of The Manson Murders’ by Vincent Bugliosi, Curt Gentry has been accepted into our system at PaperBackSwap. In the next couple of days you should receive an email stating that the book is on its way!

You know, like normal people would when someone says, “I baked you some cookies.”


Quartet Press is no more. I had high hopes for the publishing group, after reading their blogs, their proposed plans on how to do business, and the hype.  Oh, the hype.  All I can really say now is that they came on the scene with a bang, and left with a whimper.

Read what people are saying about it.

Not advocating the writing of such, but I found this Erotic Thesaurus – A Guide to Purple-Prose for the Literary Artist.

Edit 08.19.2012: Recently this site has been down for exceeding its bandwidth. If it’s not working, my site will (usually) strike-through the link text. If that continues, I’ll remove the link.

My site disappeared for a few days. I wrote my very friendly hosts and asked what the problem might be. Seems my server died and went to pc heaven. If I had a backup of the site, they’d be happy to restore it for me.

Um, a what?

So. They somehow found a backup for me from about six months ago, and really that was above and beyond. But one of my graphics lost all her little kilobytes. She is kaput. And I have no backup of that either. Yes, I know. Shocking.

So, for now, I’ve made a placeholder one. But… maybe this place needs a new look anyway. Is it too … feminine, maybe? I liked it at the time, but I’m thinking I want something a little more fun. So… maybe we’ll see a new look. Not a new layout. You have no idea how long it took me to get the layout right. I am working for myself on this one, and I’m cheaper than anyone else I can afford, so we’ll (I and my designer) will just have to make do.

Upside, I found the entries that had disappeared.

I know, ink diva sounds a pit pretentious. But, I think we should all be divas, at least in our own minds. So monumentally great at whatever we’re passionate about, we reserve the right to, at least, think diva thoughts. So, I’m a diva. So are you. Take a moment to enjoy your fabulousness.

But, you’re now wondering, why ink? Maybe you’re not wondering that, but in my head, you are. And in my head, I get to be the boss. Sometimes. So, why ink? Who writes with pen and paper anymore when backspace is so much less messy than correction fluid?

I do. Not always. Sometimes, there’s nothing I enjoy more than a brightly lit screen and the clatter of keys. But sometimes, there’s something so real and organic about taking pen to paper. The potential of a blank sheet of paper is infinite. The weight of the pen, the pull as it glides across the paper. Being able to flip through twenty handwritten pages and see it and touch it and even smell it. The reality of it. It’s intoxicating.

And, honestly? I really love pens. I have probably a hundred pens. All different in their color, the intensity of the ink, the way my fingers grip them, the way they write. Even my handwriting is different, depending on the pen.

So, yeah, I’m an ink diva. And I am fabulous.