In which I remind my husband that I'm basically always right. Remember when the cat kept peeing on the bed and I looked it up online? And I told you she was stress-peeing? You laughed at me, but we switched her to wet food, and I mixed it with water, and that totally did fix it?
Him: Yeah…?
Me: Good times, good times.

FYI, I have a need for rightness-reinforcement.


house wellP: Mom, you know that picture I drew, that’s on the front of my folder?

Me: Uh-huh

P: Well, this girl walked by me and she asked who drew it. I told her I did and she said, ‘You draw very well.’

Me: She said well?

P: Yeah. She said I draw very well.

Me: Go find her and be her best friend right now. She knows the difference between ‘good’ and ‘well.’

P: Okay. Sure, Mom.

My priorities may be slightly skewed by the allure of good grammar.


My priorities may be slightly skewed by the allure of good grammar. Click To Tweet


Happy Halloween!



house2Me: It smells like smoke or something. Something burning?
Husband: I smell it. Check the stove.
Me: Never mind. It’s just from me making volcanic ash last night.
Husband nods. Not one question.





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That’s all I’m saying. Breakfast. For. Dinner.breakfastfordinner

house2P: Mom, how do you spell cheetah?
Me: *spells word* And even if you’re 72, you can always ask me how to spell things as long as you’re trying to learn. Because we can’t all be like me, and know how to spell all the words.
P: No, we can’t.
Me: It’s a superpower, really.


vaninaSo, my 17-year-old, C., and I love Flipping Out with Jeff Lewis. Today, we’re watching an episode from season 5 where he is screening interns.

Me: Vanina. Vanina. Like who does that? Why would you name your kid that?
C: I think it’s pretty.
Me: I mean, come on. Do you want them to get beat up on the playground?
C: But it sounds pretty…
Me: Okay, you have to admit, it sounds too much like vagina.
C: *spits drink*
Me: It needs to be said, I’m sorry.

Also, my apologies to anyone named Vanina. It does sound lovely. But maybe write it down on paper and look at it before you name your kid that.



How many mugs do I need to be happy? All the mugs.I’ve mentioned my love of coffee mugs, I think. (I’ve recently discovered spicy chai tea, years after everyone else). Internet, how could you not tell me?

Anyway, I may have also mentioned I live in the middle of nowhere. While I do a lot to keep the internet shopping economy healthy, I still love when I get the chance to go to “the big city” and do some shopping. The last time I went to the doctor, my husband and I hit up the fabulous Farmer’s Market and then The Home Goods Store for a fresh coffee mug (like you do).


See? I honestly feel better when I drink out of these pretty cups.

How many mugs do I need to be happy? All the mugs. Click To Tweet

So much better that I came home and saw these two mugs… Okay, I saw the flamingo one in a magazine. And it was on sale. And the other was so pretty I couldn’t choose. Also, ebates.

Then, I remembered (post-purchase, sadly) that I quit my job and even if I get 4% back, it’s still not as much as not spending money at all.


But… they are adorable, aren’t they?


Today, at Sam’s, a little girl (after conferring with her grandmother) walked up to my daughter here and asked, "Are you a Disney Princess?"

My daughter smiled hugely and said, "Yes."

The little girl beamed and shyly said, "Hi."

I love this chick I call mine.

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Why do toothaches always happen on the weekend? It’s like some cruel joke to ensure maximum suffering. Or maybe the searing pain in my mouth is making me cranky.

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