When Did I Become the Zombie Queen?

This blog is about reading and writing and finding things inappropriately amusing.  (I suffer from inappropriate laughter–it’s a real thing, don’t laugh.  Or do.  If you suffer from it, too.  I won’t judge you.  I’ll probably laugh at you, though.)

The Z-word, which I’m not even going to write anymore because it’s taking over my site, is… well, it’s taking over my site.

It all started because some stupid scientist who spells his name with a question mark did a study on surviving the Z-word apocalypse.  Which I totally believe will happen and we’re probably all screwed anyway.  We don’t need your research, Mr. Smith?.

Looking at my archives, apparently it all started because I did the zomb–Z-word world a favor by posting a link to their own personal dating site.

Whatever.  I posted a couple of cute Z-word links.  As opposed to the 126-or-so I’ve done on writing.  A look at my site keywords tells me the Z-word makes up 5% of my site.

But how are people who just wander in here finding this site?

FYI: I don’t write about, you know, those things.  Okay, occasionally I mention them on the site.  But I write romance.  And not the kind that rhymes with Lombie!

For the love of all that is undead, Google, stop ranking me as a leader in Z-O-M-B-I-E information!

Okay, I’m done.

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