Querying Is Not for Wimps

Listen to me. No, seriously.  Stop what you are doing, stop twittering or IMing or going through your email and listen to me.  I think I’ve got the long synopsis thing kicked.  Or, a first draft of the long synopsis kicked.  Or maybe the outline of a long synopsis which I can use to create a nice long synopsis.


Listen to me when I tell you this: do not ever, for any reason, no matter what, put off writing your synopsis/query letter for an embarrassingly long time because those things are scary.  The whole thing is scary.  You’re going to wimp out now?

You will so regret that.  Take. It. From. Me.

The best synopsis help I’ve found so far: Lisa Gardner – Tricks of the Trade – Conquering the Dreaded Synopsis Workshop.  You can find that on her Writer’s Toolbox page–just scroll down to the lecture series.



  1. I wasn’t twittering or IMing or going through my email. I was googling “panda bbq recipes”. This post wasn’t helpful at all. Not. A. Bit.

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